Pre-Modded F-91W Insides

  • £20.00

Mod your own watch with these pre-modded F-91W digital mechanisms. Just swap the existing insides of your current F-91W variant watch with this.


Modifications include:


  • Inverted Black LCD
  • New bright white LED
  • Scannable NFC tag (New NXP NTAG213 type with 137 bytes of storage, located behind the LCD). This is not a tap-to-pay chip. Please make sure your phone is compatible before ordering.


How to install:


  • Unscrew the 4 screws on the back of the watch (requires a small cross-head screwdriver)
  • Remove the rubber seal
  • Remove the existing F-91W insides
  • Add in the new insides (make sure it's placed the correct way up)
  • Re-add the rubber seal
  • Screw the back on
  • Complete


NOTE: Requires a small cross-head screwdriver to install (which is not included). Be gentle with the LCD side too. It is made of thin glass, and the polarizing film does scratch if you're too heavy handed.